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Bilde Yngve

Real World Evidence (RWE) in LINK Medical goes "Real"

LINK Medical further strengthens its focus on RWE in 2018, and on January 1, the LINK Medical RWE department ​went live. The department will be headed by Yngve Mikkelsen.

The RWE department will draw on LINK Medical resources employing a matrix approach. Cross-functional collaboration and teamwork is a prerequisite for successful delivery of RWE services to customers irrespective of location. 

In recent years the amount of patient data collected outside of clinical trials has become more plentiful and, with the advent of electronic health records, more easily accessible. Researchers and clinicians have recognized the potential uses of this information, but questions remain about how to best use it. 

Many health-care decision makers are developing policies that integrate evidence from different sources. It is importantly being accepted that other sources of data can contribute in important ways to the evidence base (e.g., demonstrating how a drug works in populations not studied in the trial, or relative to another drug not included in the study).

LINK Medical creates value for customers through secondary analysis of observational data from health care