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In LINK Medical we get the opportunity to work together with highly competent and innovative industry professionals every day. We are now more than 100 employees providing a wide range  of services  for pharma, biotech and medical device companies.  

We are proud to receive testimonials from our customers; 

She worked tirelessly on this to ensure that we did not extend our timelines out another month and for that I am thankful! It is so lovely to work with individuals who know and understand that a timely start-up is critical to the sponsor!

International Global CRO

It is with great pleasure  that I inform you that LINK Medical`s CRA has done a fantastic job with the study and in this capasity also with the award we received with this team.

Top five Big Pharma

We are very impressed with how the tasks were solved- creative and innovative!

Top five Big Pharma

It is always so nice to contact your company- we always receive such great help!
Norwegian Tech Transfer Organisation