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Inger-Marie Martinsen, Senior Regulatory Associate

I joined LINK Medical in October 2007, after working in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and drug safety for more than 20 years.
Since then, the company has given me the opportunity to further develop my regulatory work competence. This has ranged from minor tasks like translations of product information and preparation and submission of variations and renewals, to compilation and submission of marketing authorization applications.

Being at LINK Medical gives me the chance to meet and work with many different customers and from diverse cultures.

This is challenging and fun and makes me feel that I am continuously developing my skills.

There is a great variety in the work I do - I might work in a customer’s office for months, and at other times I am based in my office in Oslo.

While my time is spent at a customer’s site, I am never in doubt that I am employed by LINK Medical. The company’s management is very caring and engaged in the welfare of each individual.

Furthermore, all my colleagues are great people, and I feel very lucky to be part of LINK Medical, both professionally and socially.