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Jennifer Beecher, Senior CRA

Though I’ve served as a Senior Clinical Research Associate at LINK Medical for a relatively short time I feel very fortunate to have already had the opportunity to undertake a wide variety of interesting clinical trial and external projects 
The majority of my work has revolved around the various aspects of the clinical study process - from their start-up to end phase follow through. Such daily activities have included regulatory submissions, site feasibility, negotiation and recruitment, as well as clinical trial management including initiation, monitoring and close-out of the respective sites. My knowledge base and previous experience with the pharmaceutical development process, GCP, and to systems utilized by some of our customers are all important components to ensure that I am able to deliver high quality and relevant work to them.

With 15 years’ experience with Pharma medical development and marketing, clinical trial management has always been of great interest as well as a cornerstone of my career.
LINK Medical without a doubt still provides me with a stimulating working environment in which I can continue to develop professionally
I enjoy the challenges each new assignment offers, and that no two days are ever the same. As part of a dynamic and professional company, I enjoy the opportunity to ‘brainstorm’ and problem solve on a daily basis which consequently builds my own knowledge base and lends to close collaboration with my colleagues who also offer a wide range of expertise in their respective fields. At the same time, I also greatly appreciate the freedom and flexibility to work independently.

The company’s management is both highly ethical and caring as well as focused on the professional growth and well-being of each individual. LINK Medical is a unique gathering of great people with extensive competence and I feel fortunate to be a part of this dynamic team.