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Tone Olsen, CRA

After having spent 3 years as a laboratory research engineer in translational research I wanted to get more insights into the clinical research field, and was very lucky to get a position in LINK Medical as a Clinical Research Associate.
Even though I joined the LINK Medical team only a few months back I have already been involved in very interesting clinical studies and projects, and I have attended both internal and external courses covering ICH-GCP and basic insights into clinical trials.

I am very impressed of how LINK Medical welcomes young and relatively unexperienced employees and how much they contribute to their education and knowledge

One of the major advantages working as a CRA in LINK Medical is from my point of view to get the opportunity to work with all aspects of clinical studies from feasibility and study start up activities such as regulatory submissions, site contract and budget negotiation to site selection, initiation, monitoring and final study close-out. Another advantage is to be able to work with a variety of therapeutic areas, which I find very stimulating with my molecular biology background.

To deliver high quality services to our clients is always a number one priority, and I find the extensive expertise of my colleagues and the great working environment in LINK Medical as a major part of reaching that goal.