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Promotional Compliance

Do you dare not to be compliant?

With complex marketing guidelines, legislation and different ethical framework in the Nordics, a local review could be essential. Reputation is important in pharmaceutical industry. At LINK Medical, you will find an independent and experienced partner with local expertise. We provide solutions. Compliance is our profession.


We provide review on promotional material/activities related to human and veterinary products, including medical devices, medical gases, herbal medicinal products, food supplements and cosmetic products in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Our specialized consultants will guide you through the process and ensure the final product is both compliant and effective.

We remain continuously updated on current ethical framework, marketing guidelines and legislation in the Nordics, in addition to the EU legislation, guidance under the EFPIA Code of Practice.

Services within Promotional Compliance:

  •  Review/approval of promotional material and activities such as Contracts/Agreements,         Meeting Approval Form Meeting Approval Form, Invitations, Agendas, Campaigns,                 Grants/Sponsorship, Internal and/or External Presentations, Brochures/Folders, Reprints,     Short-SPCs, e letters, Webpages, Videos, Disease Awareness, HCP and/or Patient                   Information.

•   Evaluation and review of references

•   Preparation of Short SmPC/Catalogue text (Norway)

•   Submission of marketing material to authorities

•   Translation of marketing material including review

•   We have regular dialogue with the Industry Associations

•   We are familiar with Veeva Vault PromoMats


Grethe Berven
Director Regulatory & Safety, Norway
Tel:+47 92 02 51 55 

Marianne Jonsson
Director Regulatory & Safety
Tel: +46 (0)725 235 100

7119 Anne K
Anne Krammer
Director Regulatory & Safety 
Tel: +45 61 67 32 15
Uwe Anzenberger
General Manager
Tel +49 (0)30 2129 5348
Cell phone +49 (0)170 549 8940