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More about LINKplan ™ 

LINKplan™ is our system for project management and is a part of our Quality management system
LINKplan provides information on:
  •         The structured approach to projects and project management
  •         The consistent approach to projects
  •          All steps in the project process
  •         Our organization, our attitudes, competencies and adaptability

In LINK, projects are described by a sequential structure with Phases, Decision Points (DP) and Milestones (MS). In addition, we have People-and-Plan-Points (PPP). It recognizes the fact that the people involved make the difference in how projects are delivered.

There are 5 project phases in a LINK project management model:

1.               Planning phase

2.               Startup phase

3.               Conduct phase

4.               Close out phase

5.               Evaluation phase


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Decision Points

There are four mandatory Decision Points in the LINK Project Management model. Focus on these DPs will facilitate adherence to the scope and budget and making important decisions visible and transparent for customer and LINK Project Manager/Management.

There are four mandatory milestones which all mark the transition from one phase to another.

“People-and-Plan-Points” are time points focusing on the interaction between the project team and the customer. This allows us to take appropriate actions if needed to ensure we deliver according to our customer promises and to the customer’s satisfaction.

As a part of LINK project management the project manager or designee will develop the Project Management Plan in the early phase of each project. The content of this document will be discussed with the customer so this is how we customize our approach to the individual project, within the framework of LINKplan