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Oncology studies

Setting up your oncology study you have access to world class hospitals with highly qualified health care professionals with local experience in the latest innovations in cancer therapy and an understanding of the benefits and importance for clinical research.
We have experience in all phases of a clinical study and in all major cancer types
We have over the last 3 years provided services and personnel to more than 50 different oncology trials. With offices in the major biopharmaceutical clusters in Europe we offer local expertise to facilitate the planning and conduct of your studies.

If you are a start-up, small biopharmaceutical or big-pharma company we have the experience and knowledge needed to manage and monitor in compliance with complex protocols. We know that the conduct of oncology trials are challenging in many ways and that the involvement of experienced employees is crucial. We have the experience you need to take you cancer drug all the way from early phase to market access.

We have in the last 5 years provided services in the development of drugs within the following major cancer types:

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Ola Gudmundsen
Tel: (+47) 92 46 22 00

Torkild Stenbock
General Manager 
Norway & Sweden 
Tel: +47 91 92 92 38

Marianne Holst
General Manager
Tel: (+45) 22 15 85 56


Uwe Anzenberger
General Manager
Tel:+49 176 8227 0156
      +49  30 2461 2025