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Our values

Connecting people and plans is the key to success. Plans become reality through a focus on solutions supported by team spirit. At LINK Medical, LINKplan™ is the backbone of our projects.


We can manage your project from start to finish. Or you can choose to use our expertise as an integrated part of your study team. Either way, we recognize the team as the differentiating element in our work. We understand that active communication, punctuality and the relentless pursuit of quality can only come from the people involved in a project.


Any clinical trial or health-related project needs people with experience and knowledge to move the process forward in a timely manner. At LINK Medical you will meet people with insight into the clinical environment – and people with the ability to create relations with key opinion leaders, hospital staff and your own organisation. Our people you will be happy to collaborate with for months or years. 

Even the best people need a plan and direction to fullfil their abilities. LINK Medical uses it many years of experience to create a precisely defined project work process, under the name LINKplan™.