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LINK Medical – your Northern European CRO partner

LINK Medical is a Northern European full-service contract research organisation (CRO) providing project management and product development services for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.


In September 2018 LINK Medical acquired PCG Clinical Services AB, located in Uppsala, Sweden.

This merging of expertise enables us to give our customers a richer spectrum of services and support in larger project in a broader geographical area. Our extensive experience – now also in early phase development and biometrics, make us a stronger team, handling your project development through the whole life cycle.

PCG Clinical Services now part of LINK Medical, compliments and strengthens key areas like Clinical design, Biometrics, including the master Viedoc user’s experience, in addition to Medical Writing to an already strong full-service CRO. The merge of expertise enables us to give our customers a much richer spectrum of services and support in a broader geographic area.


We offer a solid partnership providing ONE source of expert guidance from early phase development to post-marketing for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.


When time to market matters
Effective implementation is the essence of any clinical trial. Time to market must be as short as possible – without ever compromising on safety or quality. We believe that the key to success is to bring people and plans together, combining the best of individual resourcefulness and structured teamwork.

Managing multinational clinical trials and projects
LINK Medical is a true full-service CRO performing project management and product development for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. We have thoroughly managed clinical trials and projects for our local and international clients for more than two decades. Key to our achievements is LINKplan, our methodology for successfully managing national as well as multinational clinical trials and projects.

Local presence – well positioned
Based in Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Malmö, Uppsala and Oslo we are well positioned to follow your product through the whole life cycle in a broad geographical area. This gives easier provides access to key opinion leaders(KOL)

Our experienced and dedicated expert teams provide services within clinical development, including Biometrics (data management and statistics), regulatory affairs as well as related services such as RWE, health economics, safety reporting, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance, compliance and medical affairs.

Our platform and strong presence throughout the North European region make us an ideal business partner for national as well as international projects. In addition, we serve as a local and/or regional subcontractor for other international vendors.


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